Breakfast Returns to Brent's Drugs

“We want to be a gathering place for anyone and everyone and there’s truly nothing like starting your day among friends,” says Amanda Wells, one of the owners of Brent’s.”

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Brent's Drugs 70th Birthday

“Brent’s Drugs, a Jackson, MS staple, celebrated 70 years of serving Fondren as its neighborhood diner on September 29”

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not a lot of places have that kind of history in a town

"Everybody thinks that they're the only one that's been coming here for 70 years. It's hilarious. ... Everybody has a story about coming here since they were a schoolkid or when they used to work around the corner, when their grandmother used to bring them here — and now they're bringing their children here."



celebrating 70 years

“70 years after the Jackson staple’s opening, the owners of Brent’s Drugs are out to honor the establishment’s history while looking ahead to a bright future.”

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one of the coolest classic diners in the country

"Recently featured in Vogue as one of the coolest classic diners in the country, walking into Brent’s Drugs is like stepping back in time. Originally opened as a pharmacy, this diner has been a Jackson landmark since 1946. Brent’s Drugs is vintage done right and with history this rich, the only way to truly appreciate this diner is with a chocolate malt shake, complete with whipped cream and of course, a cherry on top. If you’re not in a sugar coma already, be sure to try the best (non-milkshake) dessert in Mississippi."

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Nostalgia, Party of Three

“In a moment, I was 30 years younger and staring at myself sitting next to my father. I’m thanking him for taking the time to notice me and for sharing something priceless with me. Sure, it’s a simple hamburger and milkshake, but the life that floats around that meal is what creates the importance of how that meal is remembered.”

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worth a road trip

“Definitely recommend the chicken salad sandwich and crinkle fries and their homemade lemonade”



an iconic Jackson landmark

“A local favorite since 1946, Brent’s Drugs is Fondren’s original soda fountain and an iconic Jackson landmark. While Brent’s is true to its roots and offers up a healthy serving of nostalgia, it maintains its standing as a happening spot that’s anything but old school…”

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Passing on a Blessing: Dorothy Agee

Fondren’s yellow brick road leads to Brent’s Drugs and Dorothy Agee, a spirited and hilarious server who quips, “I came with the building.”

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The south's best frozen treats

"Chill out with snowballs and pudding pops, Bushwackers and milk shakes—or a scoop of ice cream flavored with everything from pecan pie to bacon"

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Jackson’s renaissance is in full swing

“Fed by an abundance of local farms and spiced by its Cajun neighbors to the West, the foodie capital of the Hospitality State has plenty to fill your plate. Join me for a jaunt around Jackson as I hit up a few of my favorite places to eat"

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History, hipsters, and scenes from The Help

“This landmark 1946 soda fountain was on the verge of closing in 2009 when local investors intervened. Brent’s now gleams with vintage, turquoise elan, serving handspun shakes and egg and olive sandwiches at the counter—and custom cocktails at the speakeasy in the back.”

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deserves a spot on your bucket list

“What began as a pharmacy/soda fountain in October 1946 has seen a lot of change throughout the decades. Brent's Drugs is now pharmacy-free, and the current owners renovated it to replicate the classic diner feel, complete with a teal-and-white color palette. What hasn't changed are the bar stools and the soda fountain: they've remained in the same spot since the eatery's doors opened. Brent's Drugs recently made its Hollywood debut in The Help.”



There’s something special about eating in a diner

“Though it was renovated last year, walking into this space—originally a pharmacy when it opened in 1946—feels like a complete time warp. Sidle up to the soda fountain and order up some of the fresh, local fare.”



where the hipsters are

“And there definitely wasn’t a speakeasy in a place that used to be a drug store (now called The Apothecary at Brent’s Drugs). In fact, it was an actual working pharmacy until 2009. Now it’s a “soda fountain” that serves breakfast all day called, not strangely, Brent’s Drugs.”